Reflexology is an ancient practice that has developed over thousands of years and combining it with
other modalities can really be a game changer for your health!
Suffering for many years with seasonal allergies and sinus issues, I have always been drawn to learn
more about natural ways to ease sinus discomfort and congestion, and while learning Foot Reflexology discovered Facial AcuZone Reflexology also known as FAZR.

Recently developed, FAZR combines reflexology techniques with Chinese acupressure points and Indian Marma points (referred to as AcuZone points), muscular relaxation techniques (which allows deeper access to the AcuZone points) and lymphatic drainage techniques. Working the various AcuZone points on the face and head can not only provide relief for those suffering from sinus issues, but also can help in many additional ways!

During the practicum portion of learning FAZR, it was interesting to hear feedback from clients – each experiencing something different. One client experienced release in an ear that had been plugged for months; one experienced less dryness in her throat, which as a singer came as a great relief; another experienced a release in pressure in the sinus cavities. Others shared how they noticed more softness in fine lines, plumped up cheeks, a rosier complexion, lightening of dark circles under the eyes, less tension between and around the eyes and in the jaw, and reduced tension in the neck. All shared that they experienced deep relaxation and felt much calmer.

It is important to note that when you find a practice that can provide deep relaxation, it opens the
opportunity for your body to fall back into balance and by doing so, allows the processes of your body to work in the way nature intended – reducing stress and allowing you to heal naturally.
If you are looking to add something different to your self-care routine, try FAZR – it will provide you with much more than just a fresh face!

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