As we ease our way into 2023, we thought it was time to do a little update on the services available here at 390 Flora Street.

Trillium Family Chiropractic

Trillium Family Chiropractic opened its door in December 2021. Currently, we offer both chiropractic care and registered massage therapy.

Chiropractic Care with Dr. Elizabeth Carter

Dr. Elizabeth is the owner and chiropractor at Trillium Family Chiropractic. She has a passion for helping patients enhance their quality of life with instrument-assisted chiropractic care. As a family practice, Dr. Elizabeth treats all ages at TFC, from infants and children to adults and seniors. Her educational background included working with seniors and special needs. 
Dr. Elizabeth provides instrument-assisted chiropractic care at her practice including Activator Methods and ProAdjuster. In addition, she is trained to perform cranial (skull) adjustments with techniques including Cranial Adjusting Turner Style and Cranial Release Technique. She has pregnancy pillows in the treating rooms to use both for the expecting mother, and infant as needed.

She believes in personal and professional growth and development, taking additional courses on topics including radiology, nutrition and supplementation, diagnostics, orthotics, and rehabilitation. She uses this additional knowledge throughout patients’ treatment plans to help create individual lifestyle recommendations on topics including sleep hygiene, nutrition, vitamins, and supplementations, stretching, strengthening, and postural exercises, to name a few.

Some conditions she may be able to help with include: headaches and migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, mid-back pain, low back pain, sciatica, hip pain, knee pain, ankle and foot pain. Whether experiencing acute or chronic pain, or interested in wellness care, Dr. Elizabeth will listen to your needs and devise a treatment plan that is unique to you!

Dr. Elizabeth is excited to now offer custom foot orthotics at Trillium Family Chiropractic. 

Everyone deserves to live an exceptional quality of life.

Registered Massage Therapy with Alanna Dyer

Alanna graduated from the massage therapy program at Sir Sanford Fleming College in 2015. As a mom of three, she has a passion for prenatal and postnatal treatments. Her techniques include deep tissue, trigger point release, lymphatic drainage, hydrotherapy, and relaxation.
To book appointments with Dr. Elizabeth or Alanna, please go to or call 613-492-3000.

390 Flora Street is also the home to both Pearl Mobile Dental Hygiene and Whitening Clinic and Ashley Culp, RMT.

Pearl Mobile Dental Hygiene and Whitening Clinic

Jana Mossip, RDH

Jana strives to provide the best dental hygiene treatment in the most relaxed environment.

Her dental hygiene services include: extra/intra oral exam, periodontal assessment, diet counselling, oral cancer screening, scaling, polish, fluoride and sealants for both children and adults. In addition, she offers whitening and shade maintenance using wicked white products, as well as take home whitening kits. She also has a mobile service (where she comes to you!) for both hygiene and whitening appointments.

To learn more about Jana’s services and book an appointment, please go to or call 613-315-9900.

Ashley Culp, RMT

Ashley Culp, RMT joined 390 Flora Street at the end of January. Ashley’s treatment modalities currently include fascial and scar work, craniosacral therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, cupping massage and visceral work. She also offers hot jade stone massage treatments. For those that cannot come to the space within Trillium Family Chiropractic, she offers mobile massage as well. Ashley takes a holistic approach to her care and believes that “you gotta nourish to flourish”.

To learn more about Ashley’s hours and services, please go to

Accessibility is important to us at 390 Flora Street. The office is on a ground level (no stairs), with automated front doors, accessible washrooms (for most clients). The clinic is able to accommodate those using strollers, walkers, canes and wheelchairs.

New Year, New Start, New Possibilities…. Start your journey to wellness now!

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